City of Gastronomy Festival

27 May 2018416Views

Temporary restaurant, show cooking with chefs from all over the world and meetings in the heart of Parma, Creative City of Gastronomy UNESCO and Italian Capital of Culture in 2020: the first weekend of June will be dedicated to food, sensorial experience and expression of the soul of the territory.

A showcase not only for Italian Food Valley’s products, but also for the other Italian and international cities, in particular the UNESCO cities, special guests of the event in its first edition.

Michelin-starred chefs at work in the kitchens, debates and international research, follow-up meetings, in a creative contamination that embraces cities and cultures from all over the world: the first edition of City of Gastronomy Festival, on June Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 2018, it will be the occasion to live quality food in all its aspects. Because food is an intense “taste” experience, but also the expression of a territory’s creativity. The Festival will give priority to a 360° view on the world of food, focused on the traditional productions and on the made in Italy, the transmission of knowledge and flavor, which in Parma and in Emilia Romagna region have based a real culture of food. An heritage of knowledge and experience to be transmitted: this is why a funny and playful workshop will be dedicated to children and young people, created in collaboration with the Food Museums, and linked to food preparation, its origin and ecological themes. Special guests will be ten of the UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy, ambassadors of taste, as well as other ‘friendly’ cities, such as Alba, the other Creative City of Gastronomy UNESCO in Italy, Asiago, Bourg-en-Bresse, Épernay.

The locations of the Festival

During the two days the most representative areas of the city center will host many events end initiatives, offering a coral story.

Piazza Ghiaia will be transformed in a big agora where to live intense and innovative gastronomic experiences, thanks to Michelin-starred chefs. In the square will be placed temporary restaurants set up for the occasion, an area for cooking shows and tastings, where to meet the real talents of the contemporary cuisine and to taste their famous dishes, and a UNESCO area with the stands of the creative cities of gastronomies and of the Consortiums of the typical products.

Portici del Grano and the square in front will host an area for cooking shows, in which the chefs will tell not only their way of cooking but also tradition, science, the simplicity and the attention to details, the desire and the curiosity behind every recipe, every dish, every product, and the Lounge of the Festival in which the protagonists of the territory will compare with the public in a series of thematic meetings, to know and inquire times of the production and times of the creation, that so deeply permeate the Italian Food Valley.

Palazzo del Governatore will be instead the prestigious venue of the main cultural events linked to the Festival: meetings, talk shows, lectures, which will be projected in the square, on a large screen, to involve also the passing public.

The themes

In the lounge of the Governor Palace, guests of great cultural importance, economists, scientists, managers, academics, journalists, chefs will wonder about the theme The future in the dish: the new challenges established by globalization, by global warming and by technology to all the sector, one of the most creative and effervescent.

Saturday June 2nd the focus of the morning will be the Innovation in cooking: the evolution of taste, of techniques, of ingredients but also of communication and words that surround the world of food between new frontiers and experimentation. This theme will be reintroduced in the area of the Living room in Garibaldi square and then in the program of the cooking shows where international chefs will propose innovative dishes, between nature and technology.
In the afternoon and till night, space to Italian cuisine and the challenges of our time: the theme will be the state of the culinary Italian art, narrated through its protagonists: academics, food anthropologists, food historians, gastronomic critics and chefs involved in a 360° degree reflection. In the “lounge” area a focus with storytelling dedicated to Italian food enterprises and industries. The cooking shows will involve emerging chefs able to reinterpret the territory excellences.

Sunday June 3rd the reflectors will move on the theme Return to the ground, that is the new agriculture: the word will pass to entrepreneurs that are relaunching the sector, with many difficulties, in a more and more sustainable perspective. The Lounge will pass the microphone to the protagonists of innovation in the agricultural sector, in collaboration with the consortium and Confagricoltura. The cooking shows will also be dedicated to the territory products, creatively revisited by the chefs. In the end, on Sunday afternoon and evening, the main protagonist will be the Neapolitan pizza, Intangible Heritage of Humanity. The symbol of a nation that resumes everything: tradition, culture, Made in Italy. Focus, obviously, on the industry of tomato, main ingredient of pizza. Closing, cooking shows with famous and appreciated “pizzaioli”.
The complete program of the Festival is online.