Tuscany Wine Architecture cellars tour


A tour showing off various special wine cellars, designed by great artists and masters of contemporary architecture. Locations of great artistic and architectural value, built with natural materials that blend perfectly with the surrounding countryside, whose wine production is a product of both tradition and innovation.

Excellence in grape growing and wine making, along with great design and architecture power. These are a few outstanding Tuscan wine cellars where the setting creates an unrivalled atmosphere.

Here all the Tuscany Wine Architecture cellars opening their doors for a special wine tasting tour:

  • Cantina Antinori
  • Cantina Caiarossa
  • Cantina Collemassari
  • Cantina di Fonterutoli
  • Cantina di Montalcino
  • Cantina Petra
  • Cantina Salcheto
  • Fattoria Delle Ripalte
  • Fattoria Le Mortelle
  • Il Borro
  • Podere di Pomaio
  • Rocca di Frassinello
  • Tenuta Argentiera
  • Tenuta dell’Ammiraglia

Below we describe some of the ones that we liked especially well:

 Cantina Caiarossa 

Caiarossa is an organic and biodynamic business certified as such in 2005, nestled in the wild Mediterranean scrub facing the Tyrrhenian Sea. You’ll find it in the Cecina Valley of Riparbella, in a small medieval town halfway between the ancient cities of Volterra and Pisa.

The plans for the wine cellar took inspiration from a study of geodynamics and the principles of Feng Shui, influencing its shape, materials, colour and orientation. Built in natural materials, it is a deep red; the natural slope of the earth encouraged its construction on four levels, allowing wine production a caduta (falling down) that uses only the gentle pull of gravity.

Via per Montescudaio, 59 – 56046 Riparbella, Pisa
Openings: 9.00-13.00/14.00-18.00. Closed on Saturday and Sunday.

Cantina Caiarossa

Cantina di Fonterutoli

This is the most spectacular wine cellar in all of Chianti, positioned in the magnificent Fonterutoli Castle, located in Castellina in Chianti and designed by architect Agnese Mazzei. The low-environmental-impact cantina is comprised of three floors, mostly underground, using gravity flow to process the grapes naturally. The barrel vault is especially impressive, boasting exposed rock walls and containing 3500 casks of new oak, in addition to others in the town’s ancient cellars.

Via Puccini n°4, Loc. Fonterutoli I-53011 Castellina in Chianti (SI)
Visits on booking: e.stefanelli@mazzei.it o Tel. +39 0577 741 385
Openings of Enoteca di Fonterutoli:
From Monday to Saturday 9-18:30 – Sunday 9-13 and 14-18.


Cantina di Montalcino

About 35 km from Siena, in the splendid hilly countryside of Montalcino, this wine cellar is managed by a cooperative of wine producers specializing in the production of Brunello. The cellar was recently remodelled with an important and fashionable architectural plan, in total harmony with the hills around it.

Its distinctive roof continues the natural sweep of the Sienese hills. A wooden deck spans the entire wine production level, while on the terrace level the wine rests and ages far from noise and lights, in durmast barrels and barriques. More than half the cellar is underground, as is traditional, to allow for easier temperature control and energy savings.

Loc. Val Di Cava – 53024 Montalcino Siena. 43° 4′ 41.1198″ N – 11° 29′ 40.005″ E
Visits and Enoteca: From Monday thru Saturday 8.30-18.30.


Il Borro 

This is Ferruccio Ferragamo’s wine cellar, designed by architect Elio Lazzerini, a structure that harmonises and blends with its surroundings in a small medieval town of farmhouses. This wine cellar is among the oldest in Italy, dating from the 1700s. It lies underneath the main house and is accessed through an evocative vaulted corridor 300 metres long. Visiting the Il Borro wine cellars is a one-of-a-kind journey guided by experts in the field, amidst vats and barriques, with a look at the different steps that transform grapes into fine wines.

Località Il Borro 1- 52024 San Giustino V.no, Arezzo


Rocca di Frassinello

This Farm is in Giuncarico, Gavorrano (Grosseto) and is the home of a designer cellar by Renzo Piano, one of the greatest architects in the world. This is a very elegant, aesthetically appealing and prestigious location. The complex consists of an open square, a glass pavilion and a cellar that is the focus of the project. Forty-six metres on a side, it contains 2,500 durmast casks arranged in concentric tiers that descend to form something like an underground arena. The surroundings are illuminated by the sun’s rays, transmitted from the solar tower and reflected by a series of mirrors angled just so – a marvellous scenic effect.

Loc. Giuncarico, Comune di Gavorrano, Grosseto
E-mail: info@roccadifrassinello.it
Openings every day: 9:00-13:00/15:00-19:00.


Tenuta Argentiera 

In Bolgheri, on the enchanting coast of the Upper Maremma, this is part of the historic Donoratico estate that belonged to the Florentine Serristori family. Today, the estate is the joint property of brothers Corrado and Marcello Fratini.

The plan for the wine cellar was inspired by the architectural styles typical of the Tuscan coast between Livorno and Grosseto, with thick, sloping walls that provide natural temperature regulation for the rooms. The ageing cellars enclose 1,200 barriques made of French durmast kept at a constant temperature of 16 degrees to finish the wine-making process.

Via Aurelia, 412/A, 57022 Donoratico, Livorno
email: info@argentiera.eu – booking: enoteca@argentiera.eu
Openings: From Monday to Saturday 10-18. Closed on Sunday and holidays.


La Tenuta dell’Ammiraglia

The Tenuta dell’Ammiraglia is located in an uncontaminated terrain of unique scenic beauty. The artistic cellar on this estate has its origin in a design by Piero Sartogo and today represents a temple of design devoted to producing quality and a respect for the environment around it.

The Tenuta is in Magliano in Tuscany, Grosseto, in the heart of the Maremma, where vineyards form sensational shapes on hills that brush up to the nearby Tyrrhenian coast. This area enjoys sunlight in abundance and, combined with the sea breezes, this creates especially favourable conditions for growing grapes.

Località La Capitana, 222 Montiano, 58051 – Magliano in Toscana, Grosseto – GPS: Latitude N 42 39.431 – Longitude E 11 16.832

Openings. Visits: 9:30-13:00/14:00-18:30; Saturday 10.30-13/14-18.30. Wine tasting: 11:00-15:00.
Closed Monday and Sunday, 15th of August and Christmas day.
Booking is requested, at least 10 days in advance.