Sant’Angelo d’Ischia? Spas, good food and Ischia wines

Enjoyment in harmony with nature – Sant’Angelo d’Ischia is the best known resort area on the beautiful island of Ischia. Here you can enjoy the magnificent spas, the good food and the wines of Ischia DOC.


The area of Sant’Angelo d’Ischia is rich in hot springs and offers beautiful beaches including that of Fumaroles where, in the fine sand, one can cook a boiled egg in less than a minute. At the heart of the village of Sant’Angelo is the famous Piazzetta, which overlooks the beach and the marina and is home to shops and luxury boutiques, restaurants and bars, which in the evening are thronged with tourists.

Here one can enjoy a hearty meal of fresh seafood, pizza or the famous Ischia rabbit.

Whatever your choice for lunch or dinner, it is important to select a good wine. In Ischia there are many fine wines including Ischia Bianco DOC; Ischia Rosso DOC; Per’e Palummo; Piedirosso; Biancolella Ischia and Forastera.


Ischia White DOC

The Ischia White is a wine produced in the vineyards of Chignole and Cuotto in the area of Forio d’Ischia. It is produced using mainly the Forastera (45-70%), and the Biancolella vines (30-55%) adding (max. 15%) Uva Rilla and San Leonardo grapesStraw coloured, this wine has good body and a dry flavour. The designation of controlled origin was granted in 1966 and was the first DOC wine of Campania region. Excellent as an aperitif, the Ischia Bianco DOC wine combines perfectly with octopus salad; spaghetti with cicale di mare (shellfish) sauce; pizza marinara (with anchovies); seafood appetizers; fried rock fish and dishes of small crustaceans.


Ischia Rosso DOC or Piedirosso (Per’e Palummo)

The Ischia Rosso DOC produced in the vineyards of Janno Piro (Forio) is produced from the Piedirosso (known locally as Per’e Palummo) (40-50%); Guarnaccia (40-50%) and other (max.15%) grape varieties. Per’e Palummo – pigeon foot – owes its name to the red shape and colour of the vines’ roots which resembles the foot of a dove. It seems that the vine can be identified as that of Columbina as quoted by Plinio in the work Naturalis Historia. It is also thought that this grape variety may have been used for years along with the Aglianico grape in the production of the Falerno wine. Ruby coloured, dry tasting, medium bodied with good tannins the Ischia DOC Red wine marries well with roasted red meats and game birds and with mature cheeses. Traditionally it is also goes well with fried Gulf of Naples anchovies.

Biancolella Ischia

Produced from the vine Biancolella (min. 85%), a grape variety that now exists almost exclusively on the island although in all probability it originated in Corsica, combined with other grape varieties (max. 15%). Biancolella is a straw coloured white wine with greenish reflections. It has a dry harmonious flavour and traditionaly is paired with clams and seafood (cooked or raw).


The Forastera wine probably derives its name from the forestation of these vines. It is produced using Forastera (min. 85%) and other (max. 15%) grape varieties. Straw coloured the Forastera wine has a vinous, distinctive and delicate flavour. This dry, harmonious wine goes well with seafood risotto, steamed fish and spaghetti with cicale di mare (shellfish) sauce.