The World Butchers’ Challenge

The concept of is to develop the World Butchers’ Challenge an environment where butchers strive to exceed current industry practice in the areas of general workmanship, meat cutting, displaying and the creative usage of beef, lamb and pork product.

The competition

The 2018 World Butchers’ Challenge is set to host twelve teams from across the globe. The challenge will run as part of IFEX, one of Europe’s longest running and represented food and retail showcases. The competition is conducted over three hours and fifteen minutes with teams given a beef side, a side of pork, a full lamb carcass and five chickens as the base ingredients. Teams are allowed to provide their own seasonings, spices marinades and garnish to finish product that are designed for a modern retail outlet. Teams also provide their own props by way of plates, bowls, signage etc. Independent judges, one from each country, will judge and score the team based on butchery skill, workmanship, product innovation, overall finish, presentation and/or display.

Italy participating

The Italian National Butchers’ Team was selected in May 2017 and is preparing to take part in the World Butchers’ Challenge 2018 with all the lively enthusiasm and passionate commitment for which Italians are famous. The group, who represent a snapshot of the country from North to South, come from a new generation of butchers, dedicated to maintaining the Italian tradition in meat preparation while still creating innovative meat counters.

Today’s butchers

Today’s butchers are evolving their skills and professionalisms to provide customers with a more complete service, of the highest standard. How? By offering more and more natural products, sourced with animal welfare in mind, of top quality, and easy to cook or ready to eat. Butchers’ role is becoming increasingly strategic in adding value to a fine, uniquely nutritious food.

Wondering about the Italian National Butchers’ Team’s main strength? It is the ability to work hard and with determination every day, to conserve a proud legacy handed down from generation to generation.

Venue: Titanic Exhibition Centre, Belfast, Ireland
Date:16 – 21 March, 2018