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7 easy tips for healthy eating

The benefits of following a Mediterranean-style eating pattern are many: weight loss, reduced risk of depression, and decreased levels of...
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Wine and red foods, good for your health

A diet rich in tea flavonoids and red wine, peppers, blueberries and strawberries is beneficial to health. For this reason,...
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Parmigiano Reggiano

Thirty counterfeits ceased by the consortium The protection body reports on six-month activities worldwide: from polish "parmezza", to vietnamese "reggianto"...
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Food Sustainability Index – Global Executive Summary

The first edition of the FSI, published in 2016, ranked 25 countries according to their food system sustainability. In the...
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2018, the year of Italian food

Italy's cultural and agricultural ministries thave declared 2018 the year of Italian food in the world. The 2018 has opened...
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Eating Breakfast is the right start for the heart

In a scientific statement published in the Circulation journal, the American Heart Association recently said that eating breakfast is a...
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Food and wine tourism: people are liking it more and more!

The Minister of Cultural Heritage, Cultural Activities, and Tourism, Dario Franceschini and the Italian President of Coldiretti, Roberto Moncalvo have...
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The World Butchers’ Challenge

The concept of is to develop the World Butchers' Challenge an environment where butchers strive to exceed current industry practice...
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Eating grapes boosts attention span

Researchers at the University of Los Angeles, California, suggest eating grapes twice day could lead to improved attention span and...
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Healthy eating tips for winter

The winter months can prove a nutritional challenge for some of us. How to defend our body against "weather" attacks...
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Italian Chefs fly the flag for Irish Beef

On the 10th of October, the Italian chapter of the Chefs’ Irish Beef Club were brought on a study visit...
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Bord Bia honours Green Heroes

Eight family farms recognized at Bord Bia Origin Green Sustainable Producer Awards. Ireland's most sustainable, efficient and environmentally friendly family...
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