The Torre degli Alberi spumante

The Torre degli Alberi farm of Ruino (Pavia), Italy, south of the Po River, is a prime example of entrepreneurship, with a hundred years of operation recognized in 2013 by the Chamber of Commerce of the Province of Pavia placed in a unique location, built on the strong commitment and passion of the Dal Verme family.

La torre col castello
Torre degli Alberi
The origins

Dal Verme is an old and noble family that originated in Verona and then moved to Lombardia in the second half of the thirteen-hundreds, in service to the Viscount, who rewarded their loyalty with a large estate in Pavese beyond the Po River, a holding that once reached between Voghera, Bobbio and Val Tidone.
The farm is located in Torre degli Alberi, south of the Po River, at 500 metres of altitude, a place centred on a thirteenth-century tower in a unique and unspoiled natural setting made of woods, vineyards and fields, with the Apennine Mountains as a backdrop. Torre degli Alberi, a certified organic company founded on passion and respect for the land, has been involved for years in the farming and livestock breeding, standing out for its application of modern technologies.

Camillo Dal Verme
A new challenge: producing a very fine spumante

More recently, the Dal Verme family wanted to take up another challenge by deciding to restore an ancient vineyard for the production of an excellent sparkling wine, taking advantage of the location and climate of that specific terroir (area ideal to wine production).
The Torre degli Alberi farm has a perfect position and sunlight exposure. The hard clay soil is especially fertile. The trellises, cultivated with the Guyot method, are quite dense, which allows them to have a plant-to-root ratio suited to nourishing the grapes, and a limited quantity of bunches to increase the quality.
The soil, when treated right, brings out the sensory qualities of the grapes and is constantly cultivated with absolutely organic methods. To assure the highest quality and avoid undesirable fermentation, the harvesting is done by hand in the coolest hours of the day, with gathering done in small, ventilated crates. The Pinot noir grapes are then gently pressed to interfere as little as possible in the clarifying phase.
The Torre degli Alberi farm is distinguished by its unique taste on the palate and aroma, where floral notes and flavours of the fields are prominent.

Controllo della fermentazione
Control of the fermentation process

Camillo Dal Verme tells us the history and features of his company. “From a climatic point of view, the area has become especially interesting and suitable for producing sparkling wine. We are at an altitude of 500 metres, in a location with a temperate climate, but with pronounced temperature ranges between day and night that make them particularly suitable for growing Pinot noir grapes for our sparkling wine, with features of perfumed notes and a full flavour. We restored the vineyard five years ago and the vines showed the difference right away: we harvest a month after the others, and the grapes, in staying on the vine for a longer time, enjoy more time to absorb aromas and flavours, just as happens with all high-quality products. When you taste our sparkling wine, you notice immediately the Charmat for its freshness and its fruity, aromatic notes, while the one with the classic method, that has at least 18 months of ageing with yeast, is much rounder, more evolved, with 100% Pinot noir.
We produce about 20,000 bottles with no compromise on quality: the wine must be perfect, elegant, pretty fine, regardless of the costs.
Our products are intended primarily for restaurants, wine bars, specialty shops: a booming business, which is having increasing success and whose intent is to valuate the local territory, providing a showcase of valuable Italian products.”

Località Torre degli Alberi – 27040 Ruino (Pv)
Phone. 0385.955905 – FAX 0385.955921
Mobile 335.1320166 – 348.2315514


Following products are obtained from the processing of the Torre degli Alberi Spumante, entirely made using Pinot Noir vine:

Oltrepò Pavese Pinot Noir Sparkling Brut DOC Biological – Charmat method, 6 months of aging on the lees, 100% Pinot Noir.
Oltrepò Pavese Pinot Noir Sparkling Brut DOCG – Classic Method, at least 18 months of aging on the lees, 100% Pinot Noir.
Oltrepò Pavese Pinot Noir Sparkling Rosé Brut DOCG – “Cruasé” – Classic Method, at least 18 months of aging on the lees, 100% Pinot Noir.
Oltrepò Pavese Pinot Noir Sparkling DOCG Pas Dosé – Classic Method, at least 24 months of aging on the lees, 100% Pinot Noir.