Ribolla Gialla

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The characteristics of the Ribolla Gialla wine are directly linked to the native vine, which is exclusively cultivated in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

The vine has its origins in the island of Cephalonia and it was already known in the 12th century and praised by German chroniclers in the 14th. Ribolla Gialla wine has always had a special place in the viticulture of eastern Friuli Venezia Giulia.

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Production area

The two most renowned areas for the production of Ribolla Gialla are the Collio, north of Gorizia, up to the nearby Slovenian borders, and the Colli Orientali, the hilly area surrounding the city of Udine.

Wine characteristics

From an organoleptic point of view, the Ribolla Gialla wine has an amber color with a delicate and floral aroma. In general, its lightness and softness make it a very a versatile wine, suitable for different daytimes, from the aperitif to the dinner.

On the nose the Ribolla Gialla has a pleasant and delicate aroma, with fruity and floral notes and is finely elegant. The taste is light and aromatic, dry and persistent. It is a wine that must be consumed within the first two years, so that it can fully express all its potentialities.

Ribolla Gialla is obtained by light pressing of freshly harvested grapes. After the fermentation and before the bottling phase, the wine goes through a refinement phase lasting about 6 months and done in stainless steel tanks.


Ribolla Gialla is ideal as an aperitif, paired with fresh cheeses, cured meats and raw vegetables. It is good also as a meal wine, preferably paired with white meat, raw fish, shellfish, baked fish and molluscs. It goes perfectly with the smoked fish and meat.

With an alcohol content of 11 degrees, the Ribolla Gialla should be served in a tulip glass, which is normally used for white wines, at a temperature of around 12 degrees.