Recioto of Valpolicella DOCG

Recioto of Valpolicella is a sweet dessert wine, produced in the Verona province, in an area extending from the Garda Lake up to the city of Vicenza.

This dessert wine represents the history and culture of Valpolicella. Like the Amarone wine, it is a well structured wine, with a good level of alcohol and sugar content, which gives it a sweet and delicate flavour. It has an old tradition and its name originated from the local word “recia” meaning “ear”, indicating the upper and better parts of the grape, like the ears on the human head. These upper parts are the best exposed to the sunlight and are more suitable to produce a dessert wine.

Recioto of Valpolicella has a red intense purple colour, velvety, warm with cherry flavour and aromas of dried fruit. The used grape varieties are: Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella, and are dried for 4 months. Recioto was the first wine of the Veneto Region to get the DOCG.

This wine can be defined as the sweet version of Amarone, as it shares the same production method for the drying of the grapes. However, it undergoes a different fermentation process, which is interrupted before all the sugar turns into alcohol. Traditionally this wine goes well with dry desserts and biscuits, however it also pairs well with dark chocolate soft cakes and with strawberries and tropical fruits.

Thanks to its outstanding roundness, it perfectly enhances some cheeses, especially a mild Gorgonzola.

To be served at 14°C, with the bottle opened an hour before consuming.