Moscato di Scanzo, a precious and ancient wine

The Scanzo Muscat – Moscato di Scanzo – is produced in the Valcalepio area, Italy, and represents the smallest and most peculiar DOCG of Italy. It is a fine wine, obtained from a native vine, which is cultivated in a small land of 31 hectares only.

logo-moscato-di-scanzoIts Consortium

The Consorzio di Tutela was founded in Scanzorosciate in December 1993. Before that, the producers used to group in an association named the Associazione Produttori Moscato di Scanzo dating back to 1982.
The first goal of the newly formed Consortium was to create a new name and a brand for the Moscato in order to get its recognition as a unique red wine. Today, the Consortium guarantees, with its brand, its quality and excellence with the aim to promote it on a national and international level.

Wine production

vini-scanzoThis precious wine is made from a native grape variety grown exclusively in the municipality of Scanzorosciate, Bergamo. The harvest takes place between the end of September and mid-October. Grapes are carefully selected and finally placed to dry for 3/4 weeks. The drying process is made on wooden crates or gratings in controlled and thermo-conditioned rooms to reduce humidity and moulds. The wine is kept in steel containers for at least 2 years to preserve its quality; then it is stored in bottles, even for several years.

Moscato di Scanzo’s characteristics and pairings

The wine has a deep ruby red color, with a complex aroma, notes of ripened plum, cherry, rosehip and sage. In aged Moscatos other notes, such as tobacco and cocoa, can be experienced. The taste is balanced and elegant, moderately sweet, smooth, velvety, full-bodied wine with incredible persistence. The right atmosphere and environment are the keys to fully taste and appreciate this incomparable meditation wine, which has to be served at a temperature of 15° in large glasses, to facilitate its oxygenation.
Classic pairings are with cheeses, blue cheeses and pastries; an original pairing is with black chocolate.

For information:
Consorzio Tutela Moscato di Scanzo
Via F.M. Colleoni, 38 – Scanzorosciate (BG) – Italy