Moscato dello Zucco

How to revalue an old treasure to get it appreciated in all its features and nuances; This is the Moscato dello Zucco by Cusumano winery, selected from the best grapes and produced in a limited number of bottles.

The wine recalls the love story of Henry d’Orleans, Duke of Aumale (1822-1897), a direct descendant of Luigi Filippo, king of France who, forced to exile went to Sicily in 1853 where he bought the 6,000 hectares Zucco estate, near Terrasini, in the Partinico territory. The potentials of this prosperous terroir and its historic wine vocation led the Duke to tray various experiments in search of a sweet nectar capable of containing all the scents and virtues of this corner of paradise – a Moscato grown in the sea sun and in the night breeze.
Moscato del Zucco has been revalued according to the ancient traditional wine making thanks to a 10-years experimentation. Only the best grapes are manually picked and harvested just in the warmer months, transported to the cellar to be gently pressed, reducing their half of their weight, focusing on scents, sweetness, flavours and taste. A soft pressing and a twelve-hour decanting precede fermentation in oak barrels until bottling. Then the wine rest for two years until it turns out ready to drink. Production is limited, just over 8,000 numbered bottles. It is a real Sicilian precious treasure.

Denomination: Moscato dello Zucco Sicilia I.G.T.Moscato_Zucco
Zone of production: Milioto, Partinico (PA).
Grape: Moscato Bianco 100%.
Exposure: Sud.
Average age of the vines: 10 years.
Cultivation: Guyot, at a density of 5000 plants per hectare.
Production: 6500 kg of grapes per hectare.
Grape harvest: Handpicking in the second week of September.
Vinification: Moscato Bianco grapes are selected in the vineyard and placed in a single layer in perforated crates with a capacity of approximately 3 kg. Drying takes place in the cellar until the initial weight is reduced by 50% and after very soft pressing and 12 hours’ static decanting, the must goes on to ferment in oak caratelli (small barrels), where it remains until bottling.
Bottle Liters: 0,50

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