Colli Piacentini Malvasia

Italy is one of the leading producers of Malvasia grapes, whose varieties are numerous and widespread in various regions. Here we talk about the Colli Piacentini Malvasia DOC, a wine with a wide selection.

Main characteristics of this grape

Colli Piacentini Malvasia is produced in four types: dry, mellow, sweet and raisin. It is typical of the province of Piacenza, Italy, and made from Malvasia of Candia Aromatica grapes and other white grape varieties, which are particularly suitable for cultivation. Its colour is straw golden with an intense aromatic smell.

Different wines and pairings

Malvasia can be made in different ways: ferma (still), frizzante (sparkling), spumante or passito. The Passito is a golden color wine, with an intense, aromatic bouquet and a soft and sweet taste. The minimum alcohol content specification for the product is 10,5% for the versions Ferma, Frizzante and Spumante and 14% for the Passito.

The Fermo version, if dry, is to be served at a temperature of 10°C, going well with appetizers, white meat and fish; the sweet version is served at a temperature of around 7°C, and pairs well with dessert, sweet soft cookies and pastries in general. The Frizzante and Spumante wines are excellent as an aperitif, while the Passito, which is served at about 12°C, is ideal with eggnog, desserts and pastries in general.