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Pappardelle with hare sauce

Pappardelle with hare sauce is a traditional Tuscan dish, not so easy to prepare, yet tasteful and delicious. Pappardelle with...
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Risotto with mushrooms and truffles

This risotto with mushrooms and truffles, is a simple recipe with truffle providing a special flavor and an unforgettable aroma. simple...
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Mugello Potato Tortelli

Mugello potato tortelli are a large, soft square-shaped pasta, similar to ravioli and yellow in color, with a filling made...
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Vegetable Carbonara

Carbonara is one of the most famous Italian pasta dish and Italians are very strict in following the exact procedure...
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Penne with walnuts and gorgonzola cheese

Penne with walnuts and gorgonzola cheese is a simple dish, with an excellent, tasty combination. The strong flavor of the...
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Roasted duck

The roasted duck is an ideal recipe to prepare for a special occasion, a festive lunch. You need to season...
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Mushroom Soup

It’s a simple, hearty, super creamy soup. Use any kind of mushrooms for this recipe. With few simple ingredients you...
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Gnocchi Sorrento Style

Gnocchi alla Sorrentina - Gnocchi Sorrento style is an Italian pasta dish made with simple ingredients: potato gnocchi, tomato sauce,...
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Spaghetti with truffle

The Spaghetti with truffle recipe involves only a few ingredients but it is a flavourful dish which is typical of...
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Gnudi is a typical Tuscan dish, made with ricotta cheese and spinach. It is perfect for lunch or dinner, and...
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Salami, broccoli and mushroom pasta

Make this simple dinner of salami, broccoli and mushroom pasta a regular for your menu. Coming together in just 15...
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Olive bruschettas

Olive bruschettas: here again a typical Italian bruschetta made with olives, a fruit which is the symbol of Italy. These...
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