Where healthy eggs come from

8 January 2018FarmingfeaturedNutrition431Views

Healthy eggs: Where they come from? And why there are brown eggs and white eggs?

Its simple! Eggs with white shells come from birds with white feathers and eggs with brown shells come from hens with brown feathers.

A nutritious food

Eggs are extremely nutritious, an excellent source of protein and provide a number of essential nutrients. In fact, eggs are one of nature’s most nutritious foods. One large egg is only 70 calories and 5 grams of fat, contains 6 grams of high-quality protein, and provides 14 essential nutrients such as vitamins A, D and E, folate, iron, zinc, and choline. As a result, this means eating eggs is good for your bones, teeth, skin and eyes!


Firstly, in the farm egg quality is examined using a process called “candling” where the egg passes over a bright light, revealing the condition of the shell, the size of the air cell and whether the yolk is well-centered. The eggs are then separated into grades based on predetermined criteria, packaged according to their weight and delivered to the store.

Furthermore, eggs travel from the grading station to the store in a refrigerated truck. The eggs are kept under refrigeration at the store and are carefully rotated to ensure the eggs that arrive first are the first ones sold.

Finally, eggs are washed and candled to verify they meet the standards for liquid and dried egg products at the breaking station.

An automated machine, called a “breaker,” breaks the eggshell, and in some cases separates the yolks from the whites. These eggs are then pasteurized and processed into liquid, frozen or powdered form to be used in restaurants and bakeries, or to make other products such as mayonnaise. Standing in front of the egg case today, one might well be in awe of the variety available.