Varzi Salami: once tasted you won’t forget it anymore

The origins of Varzi Salami date back to ancient times. Tradition has it that salami was the preferred food of the Lombards during their migration, both due its long shelf life and its undoubtedly nutritious properties.

The story of Varzi Salami

Following that, Varzi Salami arrived in the 13th century at the tables of the Malaspina, an aristocratic Italian family, who saw it as an noble and delicious food reserved for the most illustrious guests at their table. In the following centuries, Varzi Salami gradually began to be distributed among the population: with the expansion of pig farming, peasants and farmers also resumed eating salami, available in bigger sizes. Varzi Salami thus became ever more present on tables.

How is made

Varzi Salami is made with grinded pig meat skilfully mixed with sea salt, pepper and infused with red wine vinegar. In the making of Varzi Salami all the cuts of meat are employed, including the best parts such as the cheek. The raw material is first attentively and accurately selected to bestow the aged product with the soft and perfumed character that distinguishes it. The cut has an elongated form (meaning the slice of salami should resemble a clarinet reed) a tender consistency and a bright red colour. The taste is typically sweet and delicate, combining perfumes and aromatic fragrances and features strictly conditioned by the curing time.

Its nutritional values

Rich in essential protein and sea salt, Varzi Salami DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) adapts itself well to modern dietary habits and to various dining occasions, enriching them with taste and flavour. The originally voluntary consortium was founded in June 1884 with the scope of establishing the recognition of Protected Designation of Origin, as well as to develop promotional activity, supervision, protection and guarantee of the product. Today, of the total 12 producers, it boasts 9 business partners.

The Consortium has just renewed its website where you can find news on activities, events, and curiosities related to the tradition and the culture of Varzi Salame. You can also found more information on the product and where to buy it.