The Casizolu cheese from Sardinia

Casizolu is a typical Italian cheese, which is produced in the Montiferru area, near Oristano, Sardinia. It is an ancient dairy cheese, unusual and someway exceptional for an Island mostly renown for its production of sheep’s milk cheeses.

Traditionally, the cheese is made by women. They use the freshly drawn milk and knead the curd in the boiling water. In this way, they can give the cheese the typical rounded “pear” shape.



Since the medieval period, this cheese has been prepared with cow milk from the Sardinian-Bruno and Sarda-Modicana breeds. According to some written documents dating back to 1300’s, it is a variant of the typical local Peretta. After the curd is broken with a tool called “spino”, it is left to rest until it reaches a specific stage of lactic fermentation, which can take hours. The curd might be ready in the evening, in the middle of the night or at dawn. At this point, pieces of curd are stretched while being heated in hot water. The curd is then further stretched and shaped in cold water. After the salting phase, it is dried, and then seasoned up to six months. The rinds are thin and smooth, presenting a yellowish straw-color. The paste is yellow and stringy.

How to taste it

The Casizolu is a table cheese, but it can also be used as an ingredient for filling of the typical Sardinian fritters – Seadas. As it is labelled as a Slow Food Presidium product, this means that this cheese has been listed as one of the world’s endangered heritage foods.

Production occurs from autumn to early spring. Best pairing suggested wine is Jerzu Cannonau .

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