The benefits of Olive Oil

Olive oil has recently made a great comeback to our dining tables after many years in which in many developed countries the use of olive oil seemed to have been replaced by the use of oils of various sorts of seeds, boasting exceptional nutritional characteristics.

Today, the use of olive oil, especially the extra virgin one is globally recommended by dietitians and nutritionists. Italy is one of the primary producers of olive oil in the world, and this product has always been highly valued and never ceased to be favored by the majority of consumers.

The use of extra virgin olive oil obtained by cold pressing the olives, has important benefits for your health. Research done demonstrated that its regular consumption lowers the various cardiovascular problems and improve your wellbeing. In Northern European countries, where fats of animal origin are widely used, such as butter and lard, the number of people suffering from cardiovascular illnesses is four to five times greater that in the countries of the Mediterranean area, in which the consumption of olive oil is high.

The attention dedicated to diet in recent years has revalued some traditional Mediterranean foods and among these the dietary use of olive oil. In the so-called Mediterranean diet the olive oil is used on cereals, vegetables and pulse, to prepare simple dishes against the more refined and often junky products we have been accustomed to.

The cold processing of olives, the extraction by simple pressure, without heating the pulp of the olives and without adding water, give the extra virgin olive oil a bio-nutritional and organoleptic superiority making it easier to preserve than other oils. In particular, the cold pressing maintains the phenolic and volatile aromatic substances responsible for the oil aromas. In addition, the extra-virgin olive oil is the most resistant oil for cooking and frying and also the most digestible. However, it is better to consume it uncooked, “au naturelle”, in order to save all its proprieties.