Food delights of the South Tyrol

The South Tyrol has many typical food products, which are appreciated all over the world. Among them, the famous Schüttelbrot, a crunchy bread which is obtained by processing rye flour, water, yeast, salt and spices, such as cumin and fennel seeds.


Simple, yet tasteful dishes

The typical soups are much beloved, above all in winter; they are made with vegetables, meat, or barley and often served as a main dish. Who doesn’t know, indeed, their typical soup with dumplings or their goulash?

Smoked Bacon

The gastronomic symbol of this region is the Speck ham, mildly smoked and air cured and a basic component of many traditional local recipes, and produced following the same method passed on generation after generation. In this breathtaking land they produce also a wide variety of delicious sausages, using lean meat and a traditional process. The secret behind their particular taste is the use of spices and the classic smoking.

Sausages and salumi

The pork sausages are the most common and appreciated, such as the Wiener, Frankfurter, Weisswürst, with its typical white color, and made of pork and veal meat, and the long-shaped Merano würstel, made with a coarse paste of beef, pork and spices. The Kaesekreiner is obtained adding cheese, while the Leberkaese is a kind of meatloaf which needs to be cooked; the Paprikawürst is flavoured with paprika, while the Servelades are big sausages, perfect to be served sliced in salads.

The most popular salami are, however, the Kaminwürzen, produced with pork and beef, dried and cold-smoked, with a typical rustic and spice taste, which are about 18 cm long and 1 in diameter. Last but not least, there is the tasty ham shank, and the local unequalled cheeses.
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