Soprassata, a genuine Italian street-food

Food is an important part of the Italian culture and tradition. Italians still find a great pleasure in sitting at a table, sharing a good meal all together. Even a simple sandwich can become an exclusive experience: an explosion of taste and an immediate revival of ancient family traditions.

Soprassata salami is made in many variants all over Italy, and is much appreciated consumed ‘au naturel’, with two slices of bread or better, with the typical Italian focaccia bread, but also as a main ingredient in big summer salads.

Tuscan Soprassata is made from the leftover parts of the pig processing. First, the head is boiled for a few hours. All of the meat and skin, including the tongue, are chopped, seasoned, and then stuffed into a large casing. The cooking liquid is poured in to cover the mixture and it is then hung and the cooking liquid, which has a high gelatine content thickens to bind everything together.

Meat is flavoured with salt, pepper, spices, rosemary, lemon and orange. The salami color ranges from deep pink to gray, depending on the ingredients which are used.


Soprassata is a typical Tuscan street food you can find during local fairs, city markets and at street food stalls.

It is really great for a classic snack or a quick lunch: Ask to have a piece of focaccia bread well toasted and then stuffed with two thick slices of soprassata seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and a generous squeeze of lemon.