Gianoncelli, best of bresaola since 1967

The Salumificio Gianoncelli has been producing Bresaola della Valtellina and other high quality cured meats since 1967, when the company was founded.

A renowned company

The business was started thanks to the passion of Arturo Gianoncelli who was aimed at producing the Bresaola of Valtellina following the local tradition. Today Sergio Gianoncelli, Arturo’s son, is producing with the same passion and care, from the selection of the best fresh meats to the final high-quality products, which are appreciated by consumers all across the country.

The production plant is located in the Municipality of Poggiridenti, not far from the city of Sondrio, in the heart of Valtellina, covering a surface of 3000 m2 and has recently been extended and modernised, adding new storage rooms and the most modern equipment.

The Gianoncelli’s Bresaola has obtained the Protected Geographical Indication (IGP) quality certification, which testifies the product high quality and the accurate processing methods, all made in compliance with the European Community regulations. Gianoncelli does not use genetically modified products (OGM) or products containing OGM derivatives.

The cured meat processing plant.
Real Bresaola
A traditional way of processing meat into Bresaola

The company has constantly expanded in the last year gaining national and international success. Each production stage, from cutting to flavouring, from salting to ageing, is performed according to traditional methods, passed down from generation to generation; this is why Gianoncelli’s Bresaolas are such an incomparable and excellent product. Gianoncelli operates all across Italy through traditional distribution channels, wholesalers, distributors and a network of agents. Recently, the company has started extending its distribution network outside Italy as well, to reach new markets in order to promote the quality of its products. The company’s food store, located next to the production facilities, supplies the local Valtellina market and beyond.

A wide range of Bresaolas

Gianoncelli offers a wide range of Bresaola. Each Bresaola has with its own characteristics, based on the cut of meat, the ageing and salting methods and other technical features. In addition to Bresaola, Gianoncelli also produces other excellent products, such as Prosciutto crudo Fiocco, Speck, Salame and cacciatorino.

Bresaola Di Valle

Among the Bresaolas, we suggest tasting The Real Bresaola, made with the best fresh adult bovine meat. The traditional, long ageing period, in Valtellina’s typical weather conditions, and the accurate testing made during all the processing stages make it a delicious product with great organoleptic characteristics.

The Bresaola Cuore – Heart is a cured beef product made from “Punta d’anca” (top side without the adductor muscle). It has a compact shape with a superior quality coming from the “noble” muscles of the thigh. It is dry salted, then stuffed into casings, dried and aged in in the best temperature and humidity conditions.

Valtellina’s fresh air, natural selected ingredients and a dry and ventilated ageing process make Bresaola Di Valle a good and fragrant product. Thanks to its low fat content and high protein, vitamins and minerals, Bresaola Di Valle is ideal for a light snack or as an ingredient to prepare tasteful and light dishes, ideal for consumers who want to stay fit.

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