Proper use and storage of the extra virgin olive oil

The extra virgin olive oil is a true gift of nature. It is produced with methods preserving its organoleptic and nutritional properties. However, a high quality production is not enough to ensure its proper use and correct storage over time.

Purchasers and consumers of the extra virgin olive oil need to implement a series of measures to maintain its properties. It goes without saying that it’s important to buy only a top quality extra virgin olive oil. Below a certain price range, it’s almost impossible to buy a product of a good quality.


Here are some suggestions for a proper use and storage of the extra virgin olive oil:
  1. Tasting the product will tell us a lot about the quality of the extra virgin oil. Do get used to taste oils: aromas and flavours are being perceived immediately. Try to avoid buying oils with unpleasant smells.
  2. The extra virgin oil has usually a very intense taste, which does not go well with all types of dishes. Its dosage is therefore essential. Do not overuse it: you need just a few drops of an excellent extra virgin olive oil to make the difference.
  3. Not all extra virgin oils are similar. You have to choose the ones that can best enhance the flavour of your recipe. With delicate foods, such as fish appetizers, white meats, and vegetable soups – best pairing oils are the ones with fruity notes without spicy flavours. In stronger food preparations, you can use spicier extra virgin oils: cereals soups, stewed meats and classic Italian bruschettas.
  4. Extra virgin olive oil is the best recommended also for frying. High temperature reduces its strong aromatic features, resulting in a light and delicate fritters – if this’s what you fear. However, the extra virgin olive oil should be used to fry mainly because it represents a guarantee for your health and wellbeing. In other words, fish that is fried with extra virgin olive oil is healthier.
  5. Always be sure to keep or store the olive oil away from light and heat sources. Even humidity is harmful and a temperature about 15 degrees is optimal for its preservation. Do not store it in oil dispensers: even if this seems more practical and more appealing on the table, putting it in a dispenser causes its oxidation, thus reducing its quality. Better serving it in its original bottle, always well capped.