Mortadella of Bologna IGP is made from a combination of the best Italian meats processed with the practiced skill of the Member Companies which, each member using its own recipe, combine spices and natural flavourings into a unique, incomparable mixture.

A bit of history on Mortadella Bologna IGP

The name of this sausage, mortadella, dates back to Roman days, and its production can be traced to the area of Roman influence that extends from Emilia Romagna to Lazio.

In 1661, Cardinal Farnese issued a proclamation that codified mortadella production, providing one of the first examples of regulations like the current DOP and IGP trademarks. Mortadella production and application of inspection stickers were overseen by the Salaroli Corporation, one of the oldest in Bologna, which since 1376 has had a coat of arms showing a mortar and pestle.

Mortadella Bologna

Mortadella: tasty and healthy

The selection of choice cuts of meat together with controlled-temperature processing allows a reduction in the fat content. Today, a hundred grams of Mortadella of Bologna IGP has the same calories as spreadable cheese (about 288 kcal).

Mortadella of Bologna IGP is a baked sausage made exclusively with pork in either an oval or cylindrical shape, with a pink colour and an intense and slightly spicy aroma.

The meats used are carefully selected and ground. Next, the bits of fat that give the special mellowness to this bologna are prepared. The mixture is packed into casings and is baked in special dry-air ovens. This is the crucial phase that gives the Mortadella all of its characteristic aroma and typical smoothness. Then it is bathed in cold water and rested in a refrigerated room that allows the product to stabilise. The flavour is full and balanced, unforgettable. When it is sliced, the surface is velvety with a uniform bright pink colour.

Piatto_con_mortadella Bologna IGP