The Montagnana Ham: a gourmet cold cut

The Montagnana Ham – Prosciutto di Montagnana, a raw ham known also as Prosciutto Veneto Berico Euganeo DOP, has an ancient production tradition and is still today all naturally made “by hand”, with pig leg cuts coming from local farmers and without using any preservatives or additives.


Its aroma is delicate and its taste is rich and elegant. The Montagnana ham can be valued as a gourmet product, a classic food for a fine cuisine. It is perfect as an ingredient to prepare starters and main dishes. In addition, this Italian excellence has a low salt and protein content, making it appropriate for any kind of diet. Its pinkish color and the particular taste originate from a good balance between raw materials, salting times, ham weight and maturation, which lasts at least 12 months.

The Consortium of the Prosciutto Veneto Berico-Euganeo D.O.P.

The Consortium of Prosciutto Veneto Berico-Euganeo was established in Montagnana in 1971, assembling all the producers operating in the area of Berici and Euganei Hills, with the aim of protecting the origins and the quality of this product.

In 1996 The European Union classified the Prosciutto Veneto Berico Euganeo as P.O.D (Protected Designation of Origin), a mark preserving the relationship between production and origin.

Montagnana is the main centre of production, where the Consortium is headquartered. Only the hams respecting the specification given by the regulation can be fire-branded with the Consortium logo: a shape of the lion of Saint Mark and the inscription “VENETO”. The Veneto ham is branded after a maturation of minimum 12 months.

Starting from 2016, the Montagnana ham will also be available in pre-sliced trays at the supermarket.

Each year, around the end of May at Montagnana, they celebrate their excellent local ham, with a festival offering ham tastings, cooking shows and visits to the producers, who open their doors to visitors in this special occasion.


Prosciutto Veneto DOP di Attilio Fontana
Prosciutto Veneto DOP di Attilio Fontana


The Montagnana Ham can be bought here:

Via Campana, 8 – 35044 MONTAGNANA (PD)
Tel. 0429 81010 – Fax 0429 82065

KING’S s.p.a. Unipersonale
Via Rio, 71 – 36 Sossano (VI)
Tel. 0444 788100 – Fax 0444 885525

Prosciuttificio BOSELLI s.r.l.
Via Cicogna, 5/6 – 37040 Rovereto di Guà (VR)
Tel. 0442 469001 – Fax 0442 468072

Prosciuttificio CROSARE s.n.c.
di Visentin Gian Antonio & C.
Via Don Carlo Bellini, 3 – 37040 Crosare di Pressana (VR)
Tel. 0442/86066 – Fax 0442/460111 –

Prosciuttificio NUOVA RIVIERA s.r.l.
Via Del Commercio, 7/A – 36021 Ponte di Barbarano (Vi)
Tel.  e Fax 0444/896945

Salumificio BRIANZA s.r.l.
Via Luppia San Zeno, 35 – 35044 Montagnana (Pd)
Tel. 0429/82155 – Fax 0429/800856

Salumificio FONTANA  s.n.c.
Via Schiavin, 9 – 35042 Este (Pd)
Tel. 0429/2164 – Fax 0429/4386