An ancient tradition

The origin of Salame di Fabriano is very old and it seems that, between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, it commanded a higher price than that of prosciutto ham.
The first written testimonies on the Fabriano salami date from the first half of the nineteenth century.

In 1877 the government commissioner Oreste Marcoaldi in a book wrote that the Fabriano salami is a speciality, as is the Mortadella Bologna and Modena zampone. The date of April 22, 1881 is however a definable point which bears testimony to its fame because on that date Giuseppe Garibaldi wrote a letter to thank his friend Benigno Bigonzetti for his precious present of Fabriano salami.

Processing and production

The production area of Salame di Fabriano is within the municipalities included in the Mountain Community Alta Valle dell’Esino.

Salame di Fabriano is obtained by mincing the most prized parts of the pig namely the thigh and the shoulder. Salt and pepper and sometimes garlic (but not always) seasoning is added. Small cubes of lard – only the very best cut from the back – are then added to the mix.

Salame di Fabriano

The mixture is at this point is stuffed into a large intestine as that is deemed to be the most suitable for the curing process. The salamis are cylindrical in shape, with weights ranging from three to nine hundred grammes.

Produced in the period end of September to the beginning of May, the salamis must mature for at least two months in ventilated cellars and attics ( maturing in rooms with controlled temperatures would distort the organoleptic quality). Salamis can be matured for as long as five or six months.

Covered with a dark brown mold the Salame di Fabriano is hard and rough to touch. The salami meat is firm, finely grained, coloured red with the white lard being a prominent feature.

To revive and protect the production of the Fabriano salami the Consortium for the Production and Protection of Salame di Fabriano was formed following an initiative by the Department of the City of Productive Activities of Fabriano.

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