IGP Bresaola from Valtellina

Bresaola is a lean, low-calorie and nutritious product recommended by dieticians for all ages, suitable to satisfy anyone who chooses a healthy and proper diet.

Among cold cuts, Bresaola is one of the products that best responds to the nutritional needs of the diet-conscious consumer, in addition to being an excellent ingredient for a refined gastronomy. The Consorzio di tutela Bresaola della Valtellina (Valtellina Bresaola Protection Consortium) guarantees the origin of this refined product, promoting its image and protecting it from imitations and counterfeits.

Where the Bresaola is produced

The typical area of production of IGP Bresaola from Valtellina coincides with the entire territory of the province of Sondrio in Lombardy, Italy, which has two main valleys situated in the heart of the Alps: the Valtellina Valley and the Valchiavenna Valley. The historical-literary tradition of the product’s IGP-PGI designation is attributed to the latter.


Which are the Bresaola features

The first characteristic is most definitely the color, which must be a uniform red color. There may be some light marbling in the form of very thin streaks of fat.

Its aroma recalls the smells of seasoned and preserved meat, spices, brine, and even wine, if used. Careful attention will also perceive fruity aromas, nuts, and red fruits, yet also aromas that recall the underbrush as well as mushrooms.

Bresaola must be sliced paper thin (1.0 – 1.5 mm), the only way to appreciate the smoothness and fragrance of the Valtellina Bresaola, which will be revealed when chewing it.

Bresaola has a high protein and low fat content. The caloric intake is very reduced. It contains iron, zinc, vitamin B2 and vitamin PP calcium and vitamin D. As this cold cut has no carbohydrates they can be easily integrated eating it with bread, Parmesan and a few drops of lemon juice.