Fettunta is the word indicating, in central Italy, a slice of bread seasoned with extra virgin olive oil. It may sound simply and frugal but it is not. This is the Queen of all bruschettas, the celebration of olive oil and Mediterranean-style eating. Fettunta is a an old food, which can be traced back to the ancient Romans or even the Etruscans, since almost all the ingredients were then already available in Central Italy.

Fettunta bruschetta represents also the classic way to try and taste the new olive oil in November, after the annual olive harvesting, pressing and processing.

Make your fettunta Bruschetta using only a top quality extra virgin olive oil, and Tuscan unsalted bread or Pugliese bread.

You will need a bread loaf to slice, some olive oil, a head of garlic, salt and pepper.

Grill the bread slices. Rub gently and slightly a clove of garlic against the crusty surface of the bread slices. Add a generous amount of olive oil over the slices. Accompany with green salad, figs, ham and a glass of Chianti Classico wine.