Today we speak about the DOP Laghi Lombardi Olive Oil. This extra virgin olive oil  is produced in the heart of northern Italy, as a result of an extraordinary microclimate and the fertility of the soil. The specific area is the one of Como and Iseo Lakes, and the quality of this olive oil is pretty extraordinary.

The area of production of the DOP Laghi Lombardi Olive Oil

The area in which olives are grown for the production of the DOP Laghi Lombardi oil or Geographical Indication Sebino includes 24 municipalities in the province of Brescia. In 1997, the area was awarded D.O.P. status by the European Community, and in 1999, the voluntary Consortium was set up for the protection and valorization of the Protected Designation of Origin (D.O.P.) “Laghi Lombardi” with respective additional geographical references to Sebino and Lario.

Its main characteristics

The oil that is obtained is classified according to the following characteristics: a green-yellow colour, a light fruity smell, a fruity taste possibly with hints of bitterness and spiciness, and suitable for enhancing every kind of dish.

Like all oils, it should be stored in a cool, dry area; far from any heat sources and, if possible, from light as well. Ideally, it is stored between 12 and 14 degrees Celsius, however, Laghi Lombardi extra virgin olive oil is best consumed fresh, given its light fruity character, which tends to gradually fade 12 months after being produced.

The lightness and delicacy, which are typical of this oil, allow it to be used in a variety of dishes, such as: with starters, with freshwater fish, with meat or cured-beef Carpaccio, with cheeses and vegetables, as a dressing for salads, with pasta and soups, or even when making some desserts.

We suggest you try this light, tasteful extra virgin olive oil just to feel, taste, smell and experience the differences amongst the various Italian olive oils, to understand that every single dish needs its particular olive oil and not just a generic one.