The basis for all good recipes is the selection of high-quality, fresh ingredients and chicken-based dishes are no exception. Here are 6 tips for selecting and preparing chicken meat that will help you identify fresh, top-quality meat to ensure the most delicious results, whatever the recipe!


1 – Check the colour and smoothness of the skin. Colour will vary depending on the breed and diet of the bird. The skin should not be dry or thick, but thin and fresh. The comb, when present, should be red. In general, the meat should be soft, moist and glossy. Avoid chicken with skin that looks shrivelled and meat that looks dry.

2 – When you smell the chicken, it should not give off a strange, sour or pungent odour. The perceived aroma should be pleasant and well-balanced.

3 – If you opt for chicken in pieces, apply these rules: soft, fresh skin and meat that appears pink, juicy and supple. Avoid products where the meat is too dry and withered.


4 – Meat that is not fresh will produce dry food when cooked with a bitter and unpleasant flavour.

5 – Remember never to wash the chicken. It is not necessary, as proper cooking is enough to remove any bacteria present.

6 – Finally, some advice: Do not over-cook chicken. Because it’s low in fat, overcooking will make the meat tough and unpleasant. You will recognise the moment chicken is perfectly cooked, when the meat loses its pink colour inside and becomes a uniform, beautiful white, while still remaining juicy and tender.