Spritz: the favorite summer drink

Spritz is the most typical and famous Venetian aperitif, born in Venice at the time of Austrian domination.

It is a cocktail made with sparkling white wine and Aperol or Campari. Drinking spritz is a tradition and a popular rite which marks the end of the workday in the Venetian lagoon.

It really makes you happy with its bright orange color, and the typical taste ranging from sweet to bitter, in a perfect combination of alcohol, herbs, roots and orange. A drink that has a very low alcohol content, only 11 degrees. It has a unique taste, thanks to the secret recipe, which has never been changed.

Let’s see how to prepare a spritz in a few steps. You will need:

  • A bottle of chilled Prosecco
  • A bottle of Aperol
  • Soda, served from a syphon or chilled bottle
  • Ice cubes
  • Slices of orange
  • Tall balloon or wine glasses

Fill the glasses generously with cubed ice

First pour 3 parts of Prosecco (75ml) over the ice

Pour 2 parts Aperol (50ml) into each glass with a circular movement

Finish with a dash of Soda (25ml)

Garnish with a slice of orange

Serve it in large balloon glass, paired with small plates such as stuffed olives, buttered bruschettas with Parma ham, or salmon.

Rinfrescante, colorato, veloce da preparare, lo Spritz rappresenta l'aperitivo più amato in estate.
Refreshing, colorful and tasteful, Spritz is the most beloved drink in summer.