Mojito, summer magic

15 June 2016CocktailsfeaturedMojito1852Views

Originally from Cuba – this cocktail is said it was created by the barman Angel Martínez who ran the “Bodeguita del Medio” bar in Havana. It has all the freshness, the colors, and the spell of the Caribbean. The name Mojito derives indeed from the word voodoo mojo, which means magic.

Beloved by Ernest Hemingway, the Mojito cocktail is a cool, inviting and refreshing summer drink, made of a few ingredients: lime, fresh mint, white cane sugar, rum and soda. The secret of its reputation and great appreciation all over the world is based all on its balanced flavour which is due to the right dosing and mixing of the few ingredients which compose the drink. Preparing a good Mojito is a real art.

Let’s see how to proceed to make a perfect Mojito cocktail:

Place on the bottom of a long glass about 10 leaves of fresh mint, press over half a lime cut into small pieces and add three teaspoons of white cane sugar. With a pestle, make a constant and continuous delicate pressure on mint leaves and lime pieces without tearing it, and then mix everything up well. Add plenty of ice, crushed or cubed as you prefer, filling your glass for more than half. Pour the rum until about half a glass and complete with sparkling water.

Decorate with a few mint leaves, mix well from the bottom and serve with a straw.

You can vary the rum and sparkling water proportions, depending how you like it, lighter or more alcoholic.

So you summer beloved cocktail is ready. Enjoy it!