Bellini Drink

17 August 2018AperitiviCocktailsfeatured1478Views

belliniBellini Drink is a refined cocktail, simple to made as it consists of only two ingredients: peach juice and white sparking wine like Spumante or Champagne.

Bellini cocktail was created in Venice, in 1948, during an exhibition of the painter Battista Bellini, by the creativity of Giuseppe Cipriani, at the Harry’s Bar.

It is quite important to choose top quality ingredients: fresh, tastaful peaches and a good quality Spumante. The wine structure and minerality combines perfectly with the sweetness and freshness of the peaches.

Peaches need to be fresh, ripe, and to be crushed into a fine sieve to obtain a peach juice without any fibrous residues.

Ingredients: 5 cl. of peach juice, 10 cl. of sparkling wine or champagne

The sparkling wine must be present in a double amount compared to peach juice.

Wash and peel the peaches, cut into pieces and extract the juice with the help of an extractor. In a champagne flute pour the peach juice and fill gently with Spumante or Champagne.

The Bellini is ideal for brunches, party or elegant dinners. It can be paired with all kind of starters, white meats, finger foods, fish and shrimps.