Bologna represents one of the best places where to find a good Italian gelato with its large offer of creameries and ice-cream shops. Here ice creams are made with care and creativity, have a good texture and creaminess. Those, who taste ice creams in Bologna, wish to repeat this unforgettable food experience.

Here are 5 recommended places where to taste and enjoy delicious water ices, sorbets and ice creams. Each, in its own way, is characterized by high quality and use of fresh ingredients.

La Sorbetteria Castiglione  – Via Castiglione 44d/e – Tel. 051 233257

The Sorbetteria Castiglione is known for its delicate and tasty ice creams, which have been called with famous people’s names, such as Ludovico, Michelangelo or Edward. The fine creams are exquisite, such as the Chocolate King with rum and cognac, and the various sorbets, which are all prepared without adding sugar. Wide choice.

Cremeria Funivia – Via Porrettana 158/4d – Tel. 051 6145062
Piazza Cavour 1d – Tel. 051 6569365

La Cremeria Funivia is a historic shop with two stores: one in the center, just outside Galleria Cavour; the other towards San Luca, a short walk away from the stadium Renato Dall’Ara.
They offer homemade creamy and delicate ice creams and high quality sorbets, with excellent fresh ingredients. Some of the most popular kinds are the Alice, made with mascarpone with melted chocolate, and the Countess, an almond cream with Amaretti biscuits and caramelized almonds.
They also prepare delicious traditional Holiday cakes stuffed with soft ice cream.

Galliera 49  – Via Galliera, 49/b – Tel. 051 246736


Galliera 49 is an ice cream shop, or better a home-made gelato workshop, as its creators Maurizio, Jacopo, Valerio and Fabio prefer calling it; 4 guys who decided to turn their lives around and start producing artisanal ice-creams . The location is strategic, next the little square of San Giuseppe – an open-air living room – where you can enjoy your ice cream.
Here you find plenty of flavors and colors, which are never banal; excellent Sicilian-style water ices, as well as the cannoli made with fresh ricotta cheese. All ingredients are from local suppliers and the fresh milk comes from South Tyrol. Rated among the 10 best ice cream shops in Italy.

Gelateria Gianni – Via Monte Grappa 11 – Tel. 051 233008


This is an excellent place for ice creams, situated near the Asinelli Tower right in the city center and very easy to find. Gianni, the Italian ice-cream maker whose motto is “I live for the passion and my passion is ice cream” creates inventive combinations and flavours; Ice-creams with evocative names like Samurai, the warrior’s flavour made with mascarpone, ricotta cheese and cocoa powder, or Two Towers, the symbol of Bologna, or The Sun, which combines the flavor of the old vanilla with orange juice and chocolate, all enriched by Sicilian almond praline. Their offer includes Vegan ice creams. People with food allergies are clearly advised about the contents of all ice-cream flavours.

Cremeria Santo Stefano – Via Santo Stefano 70/c – Tel. 051 227045


Tasting a gelato at the Cremeria Santo Stefano represents a special sensorial experience. All ice creams have a perfect consistency and structure, unexpected flavours and are not too sweet. The sorbetto fondente del Madacascar, con pistachio, orange blossom juice, almond praline is pure pleasure. Every month they offer a brand new flavour. The French-style decor makes the place very cosy and warm.

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