The new Bonci’s Pizzarium: a killer pizza in Rome!

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One-of-a-kind pizzas, which skillfully combine the tastes of tradition with a modernity of production and presentation. Also called ‘the Michelangelo of pizzas’, Bonci is one of the most notorious pizza makers on the Italian culinary scene.

Guesting for many years on the Italian TV cooking program La Prova del Cuoco hosted by Antonella Clerici, Gabriele Bonci is able to combine research and innovation in one of the cult foods of our country: pizza, offering us a fragrant, soft and highly digestible version of it.

Gabriele Bonci
Gabriele Bonci

Bonci has innovated the doughs, searching for the best flours and processing techniques, yet with a watchful eye on the selection of all the ingredients of his pizzas, in order to exalt all the characteristics and the taste combinations.
As Bonci himself says, good things are made with good ingredients and produced by people who wish to please those who eat them.

Pizzarium - pizza

His famous pizzas can be tasted and enjoyed by the slice at Pizza al Teatro, located in via dei Coronari in Rome. You can also try his pizzas at the new Pizzarium, renewed and opened in March 2015 as Bonci Pizza Rustica, following the oldest tradition in Rome and experimenting with new doughs and combinations in a jubilation of colors and flavors. Here pizza becomes gourmet, thanks also to the team of chefs who can be seen working at the ovens inside the pizzeria.

A new mentality in making pizza that has had great public consensus and approval and its pizzerias are always literally packed. Gabriele Bonci’s pizzeria is an absolute art of doughs and bread making, which is achieved thanks also to quality flours supplied by Mulino Marino.

In addition to the immediate impact of flavor, tasting a slice of Bonci pizza the breathtaking honeycomb crust and the quality of the toppings jump out at you.

It is really a killer pizza!


via Della Meloria, 43 – Roma
Openings 11 am – 10 pm, Sundays 12 – 4 pm e 6 – 10 pm