The Central Market of Rome

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The Central Market of Rome offers quality, innovation and tradition. 18 artisanal shops where you can buy and taste the real Italian food.

The market was opened in the Esquilino neighborhood, near the Termini train station, further to the success of the Central Market of Florence, which has become a national and international center of attraction. A brand new format in food selection and presentation in line with modern consumers’ attitudes. Divided into three floors, the Market originated from an idea of Umberto Montano, the same who ideated the Florence Central Market.

The concept

The basic concept of this new way of food buying and dining is mainly based on conviviality and sharing, which are favored by the environmental design, projected by Luca and Marco Baldini of the Q-bic study of Florence. A large open space, where some basic materials of the original structure such as wood and iron, have been emphasized as parts of the ancient tradition of citizens central markets.
The Central Market of Rome is spread over an area of 1900 square meters with 500 seats and 18 shops, all on sight, placed around the large central hood, which is the center of all activities.

The specialties and high-quality street food

Here you find Gabriele Bonci’s food, the creator of the famous pizza and owner of one of the most famous pizzerias in Rome.
Salvatore De Gennaro offers high quality local products: cheese and salami from Campania, and also red, white and sparkling wines.
Don’t miss the sandwich-pizza created by Stefano Callegari, with its famous dressing preparations such as coda alla vaccinara, tongue in green sauce, caponata and pajata.
For those who want to enjoy a great burger there is Enrico Lagorio’s with his Chianina meat, La Toraia, which comes from a bio production center in Tuscany – Tenuta La Fratta. The philosophy of La Toraia is to propose only high-quality products in a trendy way, ensuring quality and maintaining the local tradition.

Bottega Liberati

Bottega Liberati is one of the most relevant shop you can find at the Market, here you can choose and eat what you want just picking it out from the flaming ovens and the Josper barbeque. The point offers sausages, Piedmontese beef, Chianina, smoked loin, poultry, goats and all the best of a careful selection of meat. In addition to high-quality Italian meats, you have a wide choice of cuts, sausages and specialties such as chopped fassona with chives and salt, bio wines, mountain cheeses, homemade pasta, honey, hams, salami, balsamic vinegar from the Acetaia San Giacomo, San Bartolomeo’s poultry meat, Luccini mustards, Volcano tuna and anchovies, Tabiano bakery products, and many other selected products. The historic shop is located in Via Flavio Stilicone 278, Tel. +39 0671544153.


On the first floor there is the Market restaurant managed by the Michelin-starred chef Oliver Glowing, where you can taste the traditional Roman cuisine.

Free Wi-fi as in Florence, and opened from 7am to midnight.

Central Market in Rome – Via G. Giolitti, 36A