New Restaurant Lalimentari in Bergamo Alta, Italy

Piazza Vecchia, Bergamo

Lalimentari, a new restaurant in Bergamo Alta, is a place, which perfectly integrates interior design elements with arches, capitals and frescoes. The restaurant is located in the historic Palazzo del Podestà of Bergamo Alta, in North Italy. In this atmosphere, combining ancient with modern, one can taste dishes of the Bergamo culinary tradition, paired with 800 prestigious labels present in its stunning winery.


The restaurant concept by the architect Paolo Albano

As it located inside the Palazzo del Podestà, Lalimentari has an excellent location with two main accesses: one from Piazza Vecchia and another through Via Colleoni. The interior design has been made respecting the tradition, inserting defined volumetric elements and using decisive finishes.

Lo Chef Paolo Chiari

Paolo Chiari, Chef and owner and its cuisine

Lalimentari originates in a family who has been managing this symbolic place of the city of Bergamo for four generations. Paolo Chiari’s great-grandmother opened the Trattoria dei Cacciatori at the end of the 19th century, and today Lalimentari renewed her commitment offering typical local foods and a selection of excellent Italian wines.

The strategy

The name Lalimentari aims to celebrate two family traditions: the grandmother’s traditional cuisine, and the grandfather’s trade of typical salami and cheeses, offering dishes made with top quality raw materials, all personally selected by Paolo who supervises how they are cooked, presented and their emotional evocations and impact on customers.

Paolo considers it essential to share the culinary culture and this especially with those who are not from the local area or even those who are not Italian. Making a customer feel like at home or evoking through the dishes, flavours that belong to his family traditions, is the primary Paolo’s purpose.

A restaurant must reflect the style of the owners, and so is also for Lalimentari where we find the Paolo’s creativity and imagination of combined with the elegant taste of his wife Simona. They have chosen to use simple, natural and traditional materials for their restaurant, such as stone, marble, wood and metal because they are real to the eye and to the touch, just like the kitchen they want to offer.

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