in Bologna

I Portici Hotel Bologna completes its reception structure in the city of Bologna with a new project of culinary culture and launches a new contemporary critical point of view to look at and to take from the memory of the past to imagine the future: in Bologna, Italy.

A reflection and research come after the opening of I Portici Restaurant inside the Eden Theatre, ancient coffee chantant dated 1899, now restored to its former glory with the recovery of the original Art Nouveau frescoes. A long work of restoration and recovery where the plots of shapes and colors inspired culinary excellence awarded with a Michelin star since 2012.
A physical and web place spreads the good taste and aesthetics in art and culture of fresh handmade pasta.
Tortellini of Bologna is a product that connects the art of cooking and the city of Bologna traditional identity where is site
An open window on the street, under the arcades of the lush green lung of Parco del Pincio, in the charming nineteenth century building of I Portici Hotel that combines the art of cooking with theater and a space dedicated to shop for tortellini and cultural interaction open to the public.
The invitation to enter come directly from the actions and performances of sfogline who every day work the fresh pastry and the filling of tortellini, the real protagonists of a cultural and culinary experience to bring home.

But is also an online space where the technology at the service of the community creates a connection to sharing and processing experiences and values through the identity of tortellini of Bologna.
Think global and live local in a cultural and symbolic dimension that combines art, cuisine and culture.
This is the invitation to come to Bologna at!
Via Indipendenza, 69
40121 Bologna – Italy – Tel. 051 4218522