Tuna of Radda: a Casa Porciatti specialty

On last May 30 and 31, during the Radda food and wine event “Radda in the Glass”, we visited “Casa Porciatti”, a renowned food store, with gastronomy and butchery, and an extensive precious wine cellar


The Porciatti family, now in its third generation, has been committed to enhancing the best culinary and winey traditions of their land for years. They learned the Chianti butchering art from their grandparents, Gigi and Irma, the store founders. In 1965 Gigi Porciatti realized his dream of opening a shop where he sold the cured meats and cold cuts he personally processed. His sons, Luciano and Anna, still run the business together with the whole family, providing the best products of the Tuscan gastronomy: wild bar and Cinta Senese meats, original handmade recipes, selected and quality cheeses.

In fifty years, the shop has notably grown and become very popular, so they have increased their premises adding a butchery offering valuable beef cuts, a gastronomy which is a symbol of the Chianti tradition, and a well-stocked wine shop. This year the Porciatti is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary of activity.

Specialties of Casa Porciatti

tonno-chianti-casa-porciattiThe house specialties are the Porciatti meats, which are personally processed and made by Luciano and his son Francesco using traditional methodology. Everything is made with particular attention to quality throughout the process of selecting the meats, their processing and correct seasoning. The “Tuna of Radda” – is a special preparation whose name originated in the expression “it is as good as a tuna”, a common Chianti saying to express something that was tender and tasty. “It is a delicate salami, made from the best boned and salted pig meat, flavoured with fennel and black pepper “, explains Luciano Porciatti. “You can taste it seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and a little lemon juice and with Tuscan pecorino cheese flakes. It is also delicious topped with fresh sliced artichokes”.

Another specialty is the “Lardone of Radda”, the Porciatti family pride, along with Mortadella of Chianti and the “Porciattella”, a mortadella, being re-interpreted in the Chianti style, made using fresh pork shoulder cuts, lard and pistachios. Its taste is strong and with a particular flavour that can be smelt as soon as the first slice is cut. In rustic Tuscan cookery white lard was a much beloved food, commonly used in families, which has now been banned in the name of the dietary requirements. This being the case the Lardone of Radda is a real tradition revaluation: “It is made by grinding fresh lard, and then kneading it by hand with salt, pepper, spices, garlic and a dash of white wine,” Luciano explains.



The winery: a dream coming true

Casa Porciatti has also realized the dream of opening a fine winery – walking your way along the picturesque medieval town of Radda, you arrive at this charming and prestigious winery dating back to 1300, where guests are greeted by Richard and Francis with the best of Tuscan wines and more.

Here you can find a selection of Chianti Classico, Brunello di Montalcino, Nobile di Montepulciano, Supertuscans and a choice of wines coming from the most important Italian regions, such as Barolo and Amarone of Valpolicella.

Over 400 labels are available with more than 25 wines being offered by the glass per day.

The place is ideal for aperitifs and dinners, wine tasting combined with offerings of the most typical Tuscan dishes, including of course the famous salami of “Casa Porciatti”.

Hours 8:00 to 13:00 & 16:00 to 20:00hrs.

Closed Sunday afternoons in the summer and Sunday and Wednesday afternoons in winter.

Wine bar opened from 15th March to 3rd November.